Gun Lawyer, Libertarian, And The Second Amendment

Paul Grant is a libertarian and he believes that the right to keep and bear arms is a natural right, protected by the Second Amendment, and he has defended that right in numerous criminal cases.  He recognizes that current constitutional interpretation limits gun rights in ways not contemplated by the Framers and original supporters of the Second Amendment.  He advises his clients on the current state of the law, and of the consequences of breaking the law, if convicted.  He also advises his clients that they are likely to encounter hostility for exercising their gun rights, even in self defense.  Prosecutors, police, and even judges, may harbor some hostility towards the private exercise of gun rights, and that hostility can make defending a gun crime case very challenging.  Some jurors also may be skeptical about citizens exercising their gun rights.  Paul Grant defends gun owners who find themselves charged with violating gun laws, but he can't make those gun laws disappear.