Paul Grant - Felony Criminal Defense Lawyer

Paul Grant has handled many types of felonies, including charges related to conspiracies, drug crimes, fraud, money laundering, firearms and explosives, assault and battery, theft, robbery, sexual assaults, and murder. A felony conviction may bring serious prison time, even life (Paul does not handle death penalty cases), and usually stays on an individual’s criminal record for life. Paul Grant understands what is at stake.  He will defend your freedom.

Felony Charges Don't Always Lead to Jail or Prison

Not all felony charges are likely to lead to jail or prison sentences.  Sometimes, dismissal of charges can be negotiated, if the criminal defense lawyer can point out serious weaknesses in the prosecutor's case.  Sometimes, an effective criminal defense lawyer can show constitutional violations during arrests, interrogation, or searches and seizures, and persuade the judge to throw out the evidence.  Some cases can be beaten at trial, where the defendant is acquitted and then has no further direct consequences.  Many first-time offenders, charged with non-violent felonies, will have the opportunity to consider a plea agreement which will give them a chance to avoid jail or prison.  Probation offers, offers of suspended sentences, and offers of deferred prosecutions are all in this category.  The most effective negotiators for obtaining the best plea offers, tend to be the defense lawyers who are recognized as the best fighters for their clients, and who are recognized as the best at winning acquittals at trial.  Paul Grant fights for his clients and makes sure the prosecutors are aware they are in for a difficult fight, in any case he handles.

Contact Paul Grant

Send Paul Grant a message explaining what you are facing, if you think he may be the right criminal defense lawyer to help you.  Even if he can't take your case, he may be able to help you identify your best options.