Federal Criminal Defense

Paul Grant has defended clients against many types of federal criminal charges, including charges related to drug conspiracies, drug manufacturing and distribution, money laundering, wire and mail fraud, explosives and firearms, armed robbery, and other federal crimes. No one knows the minute details involved in all the federal criminal laws, no one could, but Paul Grant can assist you with your defense against what are often confusing, overwhelming, and life- and liberty-threatening charges.

What Are Your Chances of Preserving Your Freedom If You Face Federal Criminal Charges

The first question you may think of if you find yourself charged with a federal crime is, how serious is this?  Darned serious - in recent years, federal prosecutors are obtaining convictions in more than 99% of the cases they file.  That's hard to believe and may be even harder to accept, if you are facing federal charges.  If you want to fight your charges - and 95 to 97% of those charged just take the best deal offered and plead guilty - you had better find a resourceful, battle-tested, federal criminal defense lawyer to help you.  Paul Grant recognises the federal criminal legal system is unjust, but he also understands that to be effective, he must find ways to fight for you and to succeed in that system, so he plans accordingly.  Paul Grant won't promise success, but he will promise you that he will fight for your liberty, that he will challenge the government's case in court and on appeal and in post-conviction proceedings, if necessary, and that he will do everything that he can to protect your rights.  He will also honestly advise you what you are facing, the risks involved, and how hard it is to win in federal court. 

There are many lawyers willing to take on federal criminal trials, or appeals, or post-conviction challenges.  Most of them are just resigned to losing.  It would be difficult to find another lawyer who is as unconventional, unorthodox, and resourceful as Paul Grant, who never accepts losing.  He doesn't just think "outside-the-box," he isn't even aware of the box. Which means, he doesn't know how to think like most lawyers, or prosecutors, or judges.  On the other hand, he does study how they think and how they operate, and he devises creative tactics and strategies to protect your rights against their conventional thinking, in a criminal legal system that appears to have been designed to disregard your rights and take away your freedom.  Based on his experience in handling federal criminal cases, Paul believes that most federal criminal defendants are not guilty, even though more than 99% are convicted.  Those are horrifying statistics, made worse by the fact that most federal prosecutors are proud of those numbers, most federal trial and appellate judges think the system is working pretty well, and too many criminal defense lawyers just shrug their shoulders. 

If you are facing federal criminal charges, you are in for the fight of your life; your most difficult initial challenge is finding an affordably priced, highly competent, battle-tested federal criminal defense lawyer to help defend your life and your liberty.