State and Federal Drug Cases

You may disagree with the drug laws, but that won't protect you if you are charged with drug crimes.  You can't argue in court that the laws are unjust, they violate your liberty, they are unconstitutional, or anything like that, and expect to win.  If you are charged with drug crimes, those involved in enforcing the law don't care about your moral values or your political views.  You will have to defend yourself by the rules and laws which govern legal proceedings.  Paul Grant will investigate the charges against you, look for violations of your rights that may have occurred, and explore and exploit every possible legitimate defense available to you.  Paul never loses sight of the fact that if you do go to trial, the best way for you to win an acquittal, is for you to win the hearts and minds of the jurors.  Paul never expects any help from the prosecutor or the judge; based on his experience, he doesn't even expect a fair trial, in most cases.  He will demand that your rights be protected, and he will fight for those rights, but even when he thinks your rights are being denied, he will keep right on fighting for your freedom, for as long as it takes and for as long as you are willing to keep up the fight.  If it takes an appeal, he will keep fighting.  If it takes a post-conviction challenge, he will keep fighting. 

Drug Convictions Have Direct and Indirect Consequences

Drug convictions, whether for possession, manufacturing, distribution, conspiracy to distribute, etc., of any of a long list of controlled substances, may have severe life-altering consequences for many defendants, beyond any direct punishment imposed by the courts. Drug convictions can have a negative impact on employment opportunities, result in deportation for non-citizens, and they can also lead to loss of property, like your car or house.

Contact Paul Grant

Facing drug charges is scary.  Paul Grant can counsel you as to what you are facing and what your options may be.  Let Paul know about your case and your situation, and he will let you know whether he thinks he can help.